Teaching Multimedia Journalism

Facebook dominates TJ social media

For one of the top high schools in the nation, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is still heavily dependent of Facebook for just about everything. During the school year, I teach three sections of English 9, Journalism 1-4, Photojournalism and Broadcast Journalism at the prestigious magnet school for science, technology, engineering and… Continue reading Facebook dominates TJ social media

Teaching Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia finds home with TJ Media

My seventh period class is a three-ring circus. While I am a willing ringmaster, juggling an introductory journalism course, three sections of production (Journalism 2-4) and Broadcast Journalism during one 90-minute block is exhausting. Did I mention there are only 17 kids total in those five sections that meet during one block? Did I mention… Continue reading Multimedia finds home with TJ Media

Teaching Multimedia Journalism

Taking a Break from DIY

In my infinite free time, I'm also pursuing a graduate degree in Journalism Education at Kent State University. This blog will include essays, musings and assignments specifically related to the Teaching Multimedia course. So if you're here for the DIY and curious about what else is going on in my life, you can read all… Continue reading Taking a Break from DIY

Nerdy Shabby Cozy Chic

It All Started When I Realized I’m Not Rich

Whenever I thought about becoming a homeowner, I had grand visions of what my home would look like. Wrap-around front porch that wrapped around the ENTIRE house. Sparkling kitchen. Luxurious bath. Fresh flowers EVERYWHERE. Alas, I live in the DC Metro area. And I'm a public school teacher. I'm chronically (and happily) single. To be… Continue reading It All Started When I Realized I’m Not Rich